I had a great job, an even better job opportunity, but decided to start my own business

…and it’s all Medium.com’s fault. Equal opportunity blaming ahead.

(Photographed by Andre Perry)


I blame medium.com…
…and my mother
…any my father (RIP)
…and Latrice Thompson
…and DJ Khaled 🔑
…and Gary Vaynerchuk
…and Kobe Bryant
…and Elon Musk
…and most of my friends.

There are actually so many people to blame for what I just did, but I’ll get back to that later since blaming people is fun. Simply put, I blame everyone that has been integral to my growth and decision to at least attempt to go 100% on my own business venture.

It took all of the strength in me to not only turn down an opportunity, at a big name company, that would increase my salary in dramatic form, but it was even harder deciding to leave a job I’ve had for close to 6 years which just happen to have one of the best boss (SVP of Technology) and CEO combos on the planet.

Actually, put those two on the blame list as well.
…and Rich Antoniello
…and Aleksey Baksheyev

You may not have realized how you built me up
…but you did…thanks!
— Rey

So…What Now?

What now is easy…I catch all the Pokemon and become the greatest trainer of all time!

…ok, maybe not…

What now is utilizing all of the talents I have acquired, and use it to teach. I’ve been fortunate enough to be talented at quite a few things but one that sticks out is the fact that I constantly get asked for advice or about how to invest/trade…so that’s first.

For those who asked…I’m doing it for you!
— Rey

In the coming weeks, I will continue to complete my platform to teach anyone how to start trading in multiple markets (Stocks, Options, Forex, Futures, Binary)…and I’m making it as beginner-friendly as possible.

If you are even remotely interested in taking control of your finance in the form of investing…make sure to follow me on social media as I will be doing a whole bunch of moving around, behind the scenes previews and asking for feedback to make this the best way to learn.

So there it is…I’ll be Day-Trading and creating courses in the near future.

…teaching how to trade is not the only trick up my sleeve though. My brain is a cornucopia of ideas. 🔑


Why might be a bit more complicated to explain…

Why is because I am a risk-taker.
Why is because I have the entrepreneurial bug.
Why is because it’s almost every ones dream to stand on your own talents.
Why is because I luckily made some good decisions I want to pass on.
Why is because I have one life.
Why is because I can help strengthen your financial present and future.
Why is because I want to help build my community.
Why is because “they” don’t want me to. 🔑

Why is because it’s not as hard as you’d think. Is there some financial jargon to learn…sure…but I will be walking everyone through every important step with multiple live accounts.

There are really so many reasons why…but I’m sure I’ll write about that in the coming days.

I really could go back to blaming many MANY more people but I’ll just wrap this up with, I want to thank everyone I know. I also want to thank the authors of many of the amazing Medium blog posts which definitely inspired me and showed me that almost anything is possible. Your writing doesn’t go unnoticed.

If you want to keep up with me and what I’m doing, go ahead, follow me on: Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat: ReyHaynes

I will be blogging about my adventures of an entrepreneur from it’s infancy so join me on the pathway to success!




Professional Risk Taker.

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Reinaldo Haynes

Reinaldo Haynes

Professional Risk Taker.

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